Marine Special Operations Command

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Who are we?

  • Established in March 2015 MARSOC has grown to be one of the best military simulation units with-in the arma community, founded by A. Mitchell. The Marine Special Operations Command military simulation unit enforces a realistic type approach to the game of ArmA 3, like many other realism units, though as we portray a special operations unit, we create more of an advanced, specialised point of training and combat experience by teaching more in-depth skills and techniques, this then allows our operators to fight with a more of a critical thinking mind set then the average online Marine. We are looking to induct dedicated, mature members willing to put the time and effort into bettering their skills and strategies for the unit.

    The skills you will be taught in the Marine Special Operations Command may also be used in the real world, as what we teach you is from real life experience and previously taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the Marine Special Operations Command realism unit range from soon to be military to active or ex-military personnel meaning what we teach you is coming from real world experience.

    Candidates will go through a series of courses and tests, to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges the Marine Special Operations Command will come across in combat. These courses will range from battle drills to learning and familiarisation with various U.S. and foreign weapon systems.


Indivdual Training Course

  • What does the Individual Training Course consist of? Individual Training Course (ITC) is the first step in developing the multidimensional warrior. ITC is a 4 phase course designed to develop the requisite SOF skills of each Special Operations member. ITC candidates are trained in small unit tactics, supporting arms, mission planning and preparation, amphibious skills, advanced communications, combat and preventive medicine, combat marksmanship, urban combat, direct action, and special reconnaissance training.

    All of these skills are taught alongside and in an environment steeped in irregular warfare (IW), focusing on foreign internal defense and counterinsurgency (COIN) operations. Our selection process and training also allows us to build even further on the Marine Corps’s strategic corporal and distributed operations concepts. So, teams can push out even farther from traditional support assets, operate for longer periods of time, and thrive in the ambiguity in the IW environment.

    Phase 1 – (Ground Combat): Phase 1 trains and evaluates students in the basic skill sets required of all special operators. Physical fitness, swimming and hand-to-hand combat are stressed in a PT program designed around endurance, functional fitness and amphibious training. This physical training program will continue throughout the course and has been designed to prepare the student for the unique demands of special operations. Field skills including: Navigation, Patrolling, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Mission planning, Fire support training and Communications round out the first phase.

    Phase 2 – (Small Unit Tactics): Phase 2 builds upon the foundation of Phase 1, training the student in small boat and scout swimming operations, crew served weapons, demolitions, photography, information collection and reporting.

    Phase 3 – (Close Quarters Battle): Student will be trained in rifle and pistol combat marksmanship and will then learn the tactics, techniques and procedures need to serve as a member of a MSOT during assault operations. This Phase culminates in a series of full mission profile precision raids on rural and urban.

    Phase 4 – (Irregular Warfare): In the final phase, students will receive instruction on Irregular Warfare operations. The course culminates with “Operation Derna Bridge”. Derna Bridge will require the student to use all of the skills mastered throughout the course while training, advising and operating with a Partner Nation / Irregular force. Newly graduated Critical Skills Operators will be assigned to one of the Marine Special Operations Companies.


  • The Marine Special Operations Company Fox is a forward deployed support element which can both provide support for MSOT's and additionally can assist in conducting direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration etc.

  • The Marine Special Operations Team 8212 is a forward deployed element which conducts direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration etc. they are an independent operating force which follow the real world MSOT structure.

  • The 160th SOAR Detachment are highly trained pilots in-which provide support for the marine special operations ground elements, which may include close air support, insertion/extraction under enemy fire, air reconnaissance and various other tasks.